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Geographies after and beyond the cultural turn
Editor(s): A. Pott, A. Strüver, and C. Felgentreff

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Intercultural interaction and "situational places": a perspective for urban cultural geography within and beyond the performative turn   
P. Dirksmeier and I. Helbrecht
Soc. Geogr., 5, 39-48, 2010
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 105 KB)   Discussion Paper (SGD)

  26 Nov 2010
Der Konstruktivismus lernt laufen: „Doing more-than-representational geography“   
A. Strüver
Soc. Geogr., 6, 1-13, 2011
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 136 KB)   Discussion Paper (SGD)

  24 Jan 2011
Erzählter Raum und Erzählraum: (Kultur)Raumkonstruktion zwischen Diskurs und Performanz   
A. Harendt and D. Sprunk
Soc. Geogr., 6, 15-27, 2011
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 586 KB)   Discussion Paper (SGD)

  26 Jan 2011
Reflections on "doing" cultural geography – "being" a cultural geographer in the Netherlands   
B. van Hoven
Soc. Geogr., 6, 29-37, 2011
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 114 KB)   Discussion Paper (SGD)

  22 Mar 2011
Families and food: beyond the "cultural turn"?   
P. Jackson
Soc. Geogr., 6, 63-71, 2011
 Abstract   Final Revised Paper (PDF, 252 KB)   Discussion Paper (SGD)

  06 Oct 2011